Monday Musings 9-30-19

iIm going to step into the classroom today for the first time in a couple of years. The sixth grade at Meadowbrook is studying Rome, and the class teacher asked if I’d like to guest teach some Latin. Last night I dusted off my books, which thankfully didn’t burn with the school building last year, and remembered what I love so much about teaching - the many things actually.

I love that I can share something I’m passionate about and something I’m relatively good at with the kids. I love seeing their expressions when something clicks in their minds. I love when they ask interesting questions. I love that they are experiencing the deep satisfaction that comes with learning.

For me, playing with languages, whether it’s our own native tongue or one that’s mostly dead, reminds me that the human mind is creative, flexible, and powerful. With all the madness happening in the world, being with the kids, watching them solve problems together and have those a-ha moments of discovery, reminds me that for all our faults, we are quite an amazing species, full of wonder, hope, curiosity, and potential.


I’ll be at the Tapped Apple Winery, with my friend and fellow author Mike Squatrito on Thursday, October 17 at 6:30 pm for a reading, Q&A, signing, and more. This place makes amazing hard cider and apple wine. Come spend a couple of hours with us!