Monday Musings 6-10-19

One of the great things about being, ahem, a little older is the different kind of relationship I have with my adult and teen children. I know I’m their mom, but my kids really are interesting, kind human beings full of integrity. As my husband used to say to them when they were little, “It’s our job to help you become people other people want to be around.” And they are.

Last weekend Ray and I were in Chicago watching our oldest graduate from Navy boot camp. This kid got his degree, went to conservatory, and was making a go of it as an actor in NYC. A few years in, he decided that life just wasn’t right for him, so he packed up his NYC life and joined the Navy. It wasn’t an impulsive decision - anyone who knows him well wasn’t surprised. He’d always considered serving. But, it was a big decision, a brave one.

The ability to truly evaluate ourselves and our lives, and to have the courage to make changes when needed can be really hard. It might mean making ourselves uncomfortable (I’m sure boot camp was pretty uncomfortable!). But when we have the courage to follow our intuition, we grow. So proud of you, Nick. You inspire me.

“Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less.” ―Norman Mailer