Monday Musings 5-6-19

It’s release week! Officially, we’re calling tomorrow the big day, but here’s a little secret - the print copy of Equinox is available now. You can get it here: EQUINOX. The digital version will follow in the next couple of days, and the audio book by the end of the month.

If you are planning to come to the release party on May 30th, you can purchase the book from me directly, or you can order a copy now and I’ll sign it for you there.

I’ve said before that one of the most wonderful and unexpected things about this writer’s life has been the amazing community. The support I’ve received from readers, fans, and fellow writers has been humbling. It motivates me when I’m stuck in a plot tangle or otherwise having a bad day, and it is sometimes the only thing that keeps me writing. The drive to create is strong, but the all around insecurity we artists struggle with is sometimes an equally powerful force. Your support, whether it’s been a conversation in person, a note via email, or your presence at an event means more than I can ever adequately express. Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy the last chapter in the Horizon series!